Camera Controller FLEXIVISION® 10

Controller Full HD USB image capture

With the FlexiVision 10 you get a camera controller that is also based on our latest camera platform. Edge enhancement, automatic gain control (AGC) and dynamic contrast function guarantee a best in class performance.

Time saving camera presets for Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, Gynecology, Urology, ENT, Neuroendoscopy and Fiberscope complete the user friendliness.

Three different camera heads for use with DIN ocular endoscopes can be connected: full HD zoom, full HD fix focal length and full HD 90° angled. This multi-connectivity is based on the development in hospitals to serve different medical departments and application areas with one unit and multiple camera heads.

An endoscopic camera controller for best in class image quality
  • Full HD USB image capture
  • Multi-connectivity: three different camera heads can be connected – zoom | 90° angled | fix focal length
  • Videoalgorithms: selective color enhancement, smoke reduction, grid removal

Do you want to see this camera in comparison to others and decide whether it fits to your product portfolio and brand?

Please contact us and we are happy to arrange a demonstration of the tower at our premises in Denzlingen, Germany (SCHÖLLY) or Berlin, Germany (WOM).