Camera Controller FLEXIVISION® 20

Full HD USB image / video capture

The controllers of the FlexiVision camera platform are the basis for first-class images. With the FlexiVision 20 medical endoscopy camera control unit you get a controller that is based on state-of-the-art technologies and can be modified with individual settings.

Equipped with a full HD resolution, this camera controller can capture and store image and video recordings via USB in full HD.

A variety of different video algorithms contribute to the excellent picture quality: Color shift 1+2, selective color enhancement, smoke reduction, grid removal and picture out of picture mode for the video algorithms. In combination with the FlexiLux 300 LED light source, the patented automatic light control offers an additional advantage for user and patient.

An endoscopic camera controller par excellence
  • Full HD USB image / video capture
  • Multi-connectivity: three different camera heads can be connected – zoom | 90° angled | fix focal length
  • Videoalgorithms: color shift 1 + 2, selective color enhancement, smoke reduction, grid removal
  • Picture out of picture modus at use of video algorithms
  • Automatic light control in combination with FlexiLux 300 LED light source

Do you want to see this camera in comparison to others and decide whether it fits to your product portfolio and brand?

Please contact us and we are happy to arrange a demonstration of the tower at our premises in Denzlingen, Germany (SCHÖLLY) or Berlin, Germany (WOM).