Endoscopes by manufacturer – many times proven

SCHÖLLY has a long history in the development and production of optical systems. The experience we have accrued in the field of 3D HD Endoscopy over the years has also been channeled back into the development and production of our 2D endoscopes. We can hereby guarantee the most precise of optical properties and a long shelf life for all the endoscopes we manufacture.

The endoscopes are subjected to endurance tests under maximum load to ensure material
compatibility and longevity. The HD quality delivers clear sharp and contrastrich imaging with natural color rendering.

We guarantee that each optical system is configured to calculate the best-possible resolution
and can therefore accept the HD resolution of the camera.

  • Laparoscopes, Cystoscopes, Hysteroscopes, Arthroscopes and Sinuscopes in top HD quality
  • Uretero-Renoscopes with best image quality and service life
  • Wide range of Nephroscopes
  • ENT fiberscopes in different diameters and various resolution image bundles

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